Posted: 1 week ago

Basa Janikasvili and Davit Doi Raised Investment to Stage Musical Based on Irakli Charkviani's Music

In the final episode of the TV show "Shark Tank Georgia", director Davit Doiashvili, well known to Georgian theater fans, and writer and playwright Basa Janikashvili raised GEL 200,000 investment in exchange for 10% share, needed to stage a new musical. It is one of the first precedents of commercial financing in Georgia.

As Basa Janikashvili told Entrepreneur, he and Davit Doiashvili made the decision to participate in the project quite spontaneously:

"We never thought it would be possible to raise the financial resources needed for the play in this way. Therefore, the aim of this musical will be not only to concentrate on spectator satisfaction but also to gain commercial benefits. We realized that in order to start and develop an existing idea we needed to get the support. We wanted to prove to both the Sharks and the community as a whole that our project could be successful both creatively and financially," said Basa Janikashvili.

The creative team of the new Vaso Abashidze Theater in Tbilisi came up with the idea of ​​creating a musical based on the work of Irakli Charkviani years ago. The musical, titled "I Will Swim over the Sea" could not be staged for a number of technical reasons. There was no stage for this, however, in a new theater that already has the technical resources to perform a similar musical, Davit Doiashvili and Basa Janikashvili decided to implement this "canned" idea and bring it to light.

"The premiere of the musical is scheduled for the second half of September. At this stage, active preparations are underway: the casting is almost finished and rehearsals have begun,'' - notes Basa.