Posted: 6 months ago

Barbale Wines Plans to Expand its Business


Barbale Wines tries to popularize grape varieties that are harvested in the region of Imereti: Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, etc.


"I discovered, that wine varieties from Imereti, which I like so much, are more acceptable for foreigners, then heavy wines. When a tourist comes on-site, it is significant for him/her to be introduced to local culture and taste heavy wine, but Tsolikauri and Tsitska are preferred for taking and exporting", noted the founder of Barbale Wines, Zviad Kordzadze.


Zviad Kordzadze also mentioned, that for the new direction, they brought Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt branded wines, which would be bought as a gift.


Barbale Wines also plans to export production. However, due to the epidemiological situation, they are oriented to adapting to the current local circumstances.