Posted: 1 month ago

Bank of Georgia is Creating 4 New Technological and Innovative Services to Support Business

Bank of Georgia is launching four new technology and innovation services to support businesses, enabling businesses to attract new customers, make financial transactions faster and easier, and increase sales, -the company announced the news on May 11 at Bank of Georgia UPDATE - Technology Day.

Work on new platforms has already begun and they will be introduced periodically. In detail, about what the news means and how the business sector will benefit from it, the company representatives spoke:

. Payment Management Platform 

Bank of Georgia creates a new payment management platform for businesses, which is completely digital, combines payment services in one space and allows businesses to manage payments independently.

The payment management platform is a single space where the customer will be able to manage, request and analyze the payment methods necessary for their businesses.

With the help of the platform, it becomes possible for businesses to:

  • Fill in the application online and instant registration
  • Integrate payment methods in minimal time, easy and fast registration
  • Effective management of operational activities
  • Fast deposit of traded money
  • Analysis of payment results

· Bank of Georgia Ads Manager

"Bid Management" - a new platform of the Bank of Georgia, which, based on banking operations, offers customers tailored to their wishes and interests, while giving businesses the opportunity to create and manage demographically targeted, highly effective offers.

With the help of the Mobile Bank Quotes module, customers can see non-bank (lifestyle) quotes of different businesses in one space.

"Bid Management" is the mechanism behind this module, which generates offers tailored to the customer based on banking operations.

New services in Business Internet Banking

It is possible for a business to open an account with Bank of Georgia online, without leaving home, use a digital business card, and use API services, which include a stock management platform, an accounting platform, an enterprise management platform, and more. Consequently, the business has the opportunity to digitally receive all the products or services that it needs for its business.

According to Lika Tavartkiladze, Digital Product Owner of the Bank of Georgia, it will soon be possible to get a business loan digitally through Internet banking.

Every online store tries to offer the easiest way possible for customers to purchase a product online. Bank of Georgia API services help businesses in this.

The website combines various API functionality, payment methods and buttons. With their help, online stores can offer customers as diverse payment methods as possible, manage sales and most importantly, make it all safe and secure.

Payment methods, which the business will be able to integrate into its own digital channel, with the help of, include card payment, internet banking, PLUS and MR points, Apple Pay, and online installment purchases. All these payment methods can be added from with one integration.

On May 11, Bank of Georgia held Bank of Georgia UPDATE - Technology Day, which focused on recent developments and innovations planned by the company in the near future.

The event announced future plans, products and services that the bank is developing using technologies to create a better customer experience. Bank of Georgia is constantly committed to promoting business, which is reflected in the Internet services and financial support it has introduced over the years. The company will continue to introduce new technologies and develop digital services for businesses in the future.