Posted: 6 months ago

Arena Games Revolutionizing Gaming Landscape, Prepares to Introduce 20 New Blockchain Games in 2023

In a remarkable stride forward for the gaming industry, Arena Games, a pioneering video game development startup, has unveiled plans to add an ambitious 20 new games to its platform in 2023. This announcement was made by the company's Operational Director, Mariam Giorgobiani, during an interview with the "Business on Rustavi 2" program.

According to Giorgobiani, Arena Games' recent involvement in the international accelerator, 500 Global, has resulted in a positive shift in investor attitudes toward the startup. Prior to this, the company mainly garnered attention from investors and investment firms with a specific interest in WEB 3 and blockchain technologies. However, this new partnership has broadened their appeal, enabling them to engage with a more diverse pool of potential investors who now perceive Arena Games as a more dynamic and viable enterprise.

In the ever-evolving gaming industry, Arena Games is redefining traditional gaming by integrating blockchain technology effortlessly. A unique aspect of Arena Games is its ability to seamlessly connect traditional games to the blockchain without requiring any development resources from the game developers themselves.

Giorgobiani explained, "All a game developer needs is a captivating game. We then link this game to the blockchain via our program. Once connected, the game will be featured on our platform." She further clarified that their platform operates similarly to an app store for WEB 3 games, providing users with access to a multitude of blockchain-based games.

Currently, the platform hosts 3 games and boasts a global user base of approximately 7,000 registered users. Although the startup is targeting Georgia and its neighboring countries to attract new games, the user base is spread across the globe, highlighting its international appeal.