Posted: 4 months ago

American Business of Georgian Artist

Georgian hyperrealist artist, Tiko Sanikidze opens an online shop on the American market in a month. will be the name, where an artist will provide men's, women's and children's clothing, bags and different accessories.

"My original pieces of work, paintings are pretty expensive. Regardless of people's wishes, they do not have an opportunity, to buy them. Therefore, I decided to create products, which would make my supporters delightful and what is most important, is that this would be publicly available.", noted Tiko Sanikidze.

"I was learning the local market for several months, I was seeking for qualified products in order to take my work. I contacted transport companies and formed some agreements. After operating an online shop, consumers do not have to go shopping, hence, they can receive desirable procurements without leaving home."

Tiko Sanikidze also noted with, that together with the business widening, she plans to open shops in Georgia and America.