Posted: 2 months ago

Aionrise Plant in Kutaisi Plans to Increase the Production of Solar Panels

Solar panel manufacturer AIONRISE plans to increase production. As Lela Kurtanidze, the CEO of the company says the company is going to enter new markets.

"Solar panels produced in our factory are widely represented in the American market. It is also available in Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Armenia, and Uzbekistan. We are now working on several projects at once. Including increasing the production line. Of course, we are increasing the production line due to the increase in market demand, but also due to plans to enter other markets," said Lela at

As for the local market, as Lela Kurtanidze says, although the production is generally export-oriented, the company also cooperates with Georgian consumers.

"Most of the solar panels we produce are exported. We only sell on-demand in the local market, which is not stable from month to month, so it is difficult to name specific numbers of panels in demand in export and local markets it cooperates," he said.

As for the challenges in the field of renewable energy in Georgia, the company says that the legislation needs to be improved.

"Because this source of renewable energy is still very young, there are many obstacles in Georgia and it will not be able to completely replace other sources, but it is quite possible to mix the production of different electricity sources to meet current demand in the country. This requires a large investment because solar energy is not stable energy, it is necessary for the infrastructure to be properly maintained. It is also necessary to further develop and refine the legislation on renewable energy," - said Lela Kurtanidze.

For reference, the factory in Kutaisi has been operating under the name of AIONRISE since the summer of 2021. The plant can currently produce 500 MW of solar panels / photovoltaic modules.