Posted: 4 months ago

AgroOlympiad Champions Share Their Motivation and Aspirations

For the second consecutive year, Agrosphere, the importer of innovative agricultural products and agro-techniques, has proudly supported the "European Agricultural Olympics".

Alongside its support, Agrosphere also bestowed special awards upon the victors of the student category, reinforcing the company's commitment to nurturing young talent by providing avenues for knowledge acquisition. This year's triumphant participants were awarded a bespoke toolkit by Agrosphere, each filled with essential measuring instruments valued at 3000 GEL.

The spotlight shines on the 2023 Agriolympiad’s standout winners: Giorgi Vengoshvili, Tea Imnadze, and Beka Pangani. We delved into the journeys of these exceptional youths, who not only outshined hundreds of contenders but also demonstrated an unwavering dedication to their craft.

Giorgi Vengoshvili, a three-time AgroOlympiad contestant, reflected on his previous experiences and the incremental improvement that led to his recent success. The Olympiad's challenging nature, requiring both broad and specialized agronomic knowledge, was highlighted by all winners.

Tea Imnadze shared her strategic reliance on logic and foundational agronomic knowledge to navigate through unfamiliar questions, emphasizing the Olympiad's role in reinforcing her motivation to deepen her expertise.

The importance of the AgroOlympiad was unanimously acknowledged for its ability to inspire a new generation of agricultural professionals, underlining the critical gap in specialized knowledge within the country.

The involvement of private companies like Agrosphere was praised for enhancing students' awareness of the agricultural sector and providing practical insights into the industry. The winners also shared their experiences with the tools provided by Agrosphere, from exploring plant pests with a digital microscope to applying salinity and pH meters in professional settings. These tools, deemed as agronomy's "right hand", enable a deeper understanding of complex agricultural issues.

The 2023 AgroOlympiad saw participation from 870 contenders, culminating in 39 winners across various categories and fields. Agrosphere's partnership with the Olympiad, now in its second year, continues to embody the spirit of innovation and dedication to advancing agricultural education and practice in Georgia.