Posted: 4 months ago

Agronnect, an Innovative AgriTech Platform, Joins Prestigious French Accelerator HECTAR

Agronnect, an Innovative AgriTech Platform, Joins Prestigious French Accelerator HECTAR

The groundbreaking agricultural platform Agronnect has been selected as a member of the French accelerator program HECTAR, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards transforming agricultural practices through technology. Valeri Amiranashvili, the visionary founder of Agronnect, shared the exciting news with Business Partner, highlighting the opportunities this development brings for the startup.

Agronnect emerged as one of the standout participants in the fiercely competitive "Beach" finale held in Paris on January 5, 2024. Out of over 80 innovative startups from across Europe, only six were chosen to join this esteemed acceleration program. Agronnect proudly represents Georgia among the selected few, alongside three startups from France, one from the Netherlands, and another from Germany.

The three-month HECTAR accelerator program offers Agronnect an unparalleled chance to engage with a wide network of investors, educational bodies, research institutions, associations, cooperatives, and suppliers throughout Europe. "This accelerator program is a game-changer for Agronnect," Amiranashvili explains. "It not only aids in our fundraising efforts but also enables us to pilot our solutions across various European markets and forge new partnerships."

Agronnect is poised to revolutionize the agricultural sector with its innovative platform, designed to connect farmers with leading global experts for real-time online consultations. Set to launch in 2023, Agronnect is at the forefront of the digital agriculture revolution, bringing expert knowledge and cutting-edge solutions to the fingertips of farmers worldwide.