Posted: 1 week ago

Agritouch Exports Blueberries to Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain

According to the general manager of Agritouch, a company manufacturing blueberries, demand for the product increased. This year, Agritouch will export 30 tons more blueberries than last year and will be up to 60 tons in total.

"Demand for blueberries from world markets is constantly growing. As a result, we have almost doubled our exports this year. The main export markets will be Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain.", noted Davit Makashvili.

As he further mentioned, the company also plans to enter new markets, such as Israel and India. 

Due to the high competition in the world markets, "Agritouch" blueberries will cost $7 per 1 kg at the beginning of the season.