Posted: 4 months ago

Agra – New Georgian Brand to Appear in September

New Georgian brand Agra will appear on Georgian market on September 15 and offer top quality vegetables and consumers will be able to buy these products at supermarkets.

“Key objective of Agra is to supply hand-sorted, packed and extra quality vegetable to various trade outlets”, Agra founder Zaur Danelia told BM.GE.
Initially, Agra will start distributing Akhaltsikhe potato packed in 2-kg sacks. The price of the product is 2.50 GEL.
“We will offer natural and clean products. We make focus on quality and this quality will not be lowered at the expense of prices”, Zaur Danelia noted.
Agra collects vegetables from local farmers in Akhaltsikhe and stores the products in Tbilisi. At this stage Agra has already stored 15 tons of potato. Packed in Agra labels the products will be supplied to Nikora networks.