Posted: 5 months ago

Adjara Group to Open Rooms Hotel in New York

Adjara Group plans to expand the network of Rooms hotels in not only Georgia, but also in foreign countries. Valeri Chekheria, the director general of Adjara Group Hospitality confirmed to the Forbes Week that negotiations are underway with partners for opening a Rooms hotel in New York.

“The Rooms brand has obtained huge recognition and shaped its own niche in the global sector of hospitality. We have real plans for expanding our business to foreign countries.

The USA is the first country, where we think to open a hotel. At this stage, we are considering several variants. We have not selected a corresponding building, but we keep working on this issue”, Valeri Chekheria said. 

This year Adjara Group will unveil Rooms hotels in Mitarbi and Batumi. The management plans to develop the network in Kakheti Region too.