Posted: 1 week ago

'40% of Hotel is Booked for Summer Season' - Hotel Krebuli

Tamuna Topuridze, the founder of Hotel Krebuli in Kazbegi, mentioned that only 40% of the hotel is booked for the summer season.

She hopes that the situation will change for the better and both domestic and international tourism will be active soon. 

According to Topuridze, the construction of the hotel started in 2019, during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the hotel opened in the same period.

Newly-opened "Krebuli" in the period of pandemic mainly worked on domestic tourism. As for the post-pandemic period, activity has increased relatively, however, the Russia-Ukraine war has had a negative impact on hotel bookings.

"During the period of summer season amount of tourists increase in Kazbegi. However, bookings were canceled during the Russia-Ukraine war. Almost the first two months of the summer were booked from both Western European countries and Ukraine. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, more than half of the bookings were canceled."