Posted: 11 months ago

39 Qvevri Exports Wine to Brazil

The wine production company "39 Qvevri" will export its production to Brazil.

According to the winemaker of "39 Qvevri", Dimitri Potskhverashvili, 2000 bottles have already been prepared and will be sent to Brazil in the near future.

"Small volumes of wine are planned to be exported to Brazil. We hope the number will increase in the future and the interest will be more. For us, other interesting markets are China, USA, Japan, and Korea."

The cellar of "39 Qvevri", a company making several varieties of wine is located in Saguramo. "39 Qvevri" is not working at full capacity currently, although it has the potential to process a total of 60 tons of grapes. Its wines are sold in about 80 restaurants and bars in the local market and are exported to different countries.