Posted: 1 week ago

The Bank of Georgia Launches Digitalization Program for Women Entrepreneurs

The Bank of Georgia, a leading business-supporting financial institution, continues to champion women entrepreneurs. In collaboration with CARE Caucasus, the business federation "Women for the Future," the Kakheti Regional Development Fund, and Visa, the Bank has introduced a digitalization program for women entrepreneurs. Under this initiative, participants will enjoy free products and benefits for six months.

Women entrepreneurs included in the program will receive the following benefits:

  • Free use of a mobile terminal to accept payments via any type of card or application.
  • Activation of the S set at no cost, which includes all essential products and services for business.
  • Cashback on the first 1,000 GEL in commission paid by Visa card on the mobile terminal.
  • Free use of the Optimo inventory management program to help digitize business processes.

The program is open to the first 100 women entrepreneurs who meet specific criteria. The list of criteria can be found at this link. CARE Caucasus, along with partner organizations, will select participants and provide them with free business management and development consultations and mentoring.

"We are thrilled to empower women entrepreneurs alongside our partners, offering them tangible benefits for managing business processes and effective financial management. We are attuned to the challenges of the business sector, and we strive to provide products and projects that meet these needs. We look forward to introducing many exciting initiatives for our customers in the future," said Rusudan Baratashvili, Director of the Department of Development of Value Added Services at the Bank of Georgia.

For CARE Caucasus, empowering women and improving their access to financial resources and services is crucial. Together with partner organizations, CARE will support over 1,800 women in developing their businesses through small business grants, mentoring programs, and business connections. "Our partnership with the Bank of Georgia and Visa allows us to bring the benefits of their innovative financial products and services to women-led small businesses. We hope to introduce a similar innovative model of partnership in Armenia as well," said Ketevan Khachidze, Chief Executive Officer of CARE Caucasus.

"Visa continues to support female entrepreneurs in Georgia. I am delighted that we are launching this digitization program with our partners. Through this cooperation, we offer 100 women entrepreneurs the opportunity to use services tailored to their needs free of charge. Our goal is to increase the involvement of women in economic and financial activities, thereby fostering the development of an inclusive business sector in Georgia," said Diana Kighuradze, Visa Regional Manager in the Caucasus region.