Posted: 3 months ago

Payment has Never been so Easy - TBC Bank offers Apple Pay to its Users

If comfort is important to you, you are a TBC Bank client and you have an iPhone then you are lucky! With an innovative, streamlined secure mobile payment, you can simplify your life and save time.

Innovation Bank has offered its customers an innovative product - Apple Pay. As it turns out, you are not the one who loves comforts. In the first day after the service was launched in Georgia, more than 10,000 TBC cards were activated on Apple Pay, and more than 2000 customers made payments.

Zviad Tsotskolauri, TBC Bank's digital payments associate, calls this figure colossal. He says paying has never been so easy.

Apple Pay is available to all Apple customers who use TBC Bank Card/Cards. Available with Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, it will make shopping at stores, withing apps and online shopping faster and more comfortable.

Location is not restricted either, you can pay both in Georgia and abroad - wherever contactless payment or Apple Pay is available.

It's easy to install Apple Pay too. When used, TBC customers will automatically receive all the benefits they had previously received while using TBC Bank's credit or debit card.

“TBC continues to offer its customers innovative products and services. The integration of TBC services with Apple Pay is a proof of that. For over a year now, AndroTBBC customers have been able to conduct daily banking transactions using Apple Wallet more easily, quickly and safely, ”said Vakhtang Butskhrikidze.

Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, CEO of TBC Bank, said that TBC always strives to be the first in offering technology not only in Georgia but also in the region and offer innovative products to its customers. "Our customers have been using the same system for more than a year now, with Android, and as promised now, Apple product owners will be able to pay for services without a card.

Christina Doros, Visa Manager in the Caucasus region, is pleased with Apple Pay's entry into the Caucasus region. “Since the introduction of PayWave Visa for the first time in the region in 2009, Georgia has adapted rapidly to the digital payment system and reached a very high rate of customers. We are pleased that the arrival of Apple Pay will further accelerate the development of new and innovative ways of payments in Georgia, ”said Christina Doros.

Security is a key part of Apple Pay. When you pay by Apple Pay, your credit or debit card numbers are not stored on your Apple device or servers. Instead, a unique number is created for Apple's device, which is encrypted and securely stored on a protected device. Each transaction is authenticated using single dynamic code.
Paying through Apple Pay using the iPhone and Apple Watch is now available in stores, restaurants, taxis, self-service stores and many more. When shopping online with Apple Pay in apps or Safari, it is no longer necessary to enter long forms of payment. Apple Pay each fingerprint payment, face recognition service or input a PIN code.
Instructions for using Apple Pay with TBC Bank Cards are at: