Posted: 3 years ago

Optio’s Natural Language Processing Engine Will Power Bank of Georgia’s Virtual Assistant

Optio.Ai and Bank of Georgia have teamed up with the mission to create a virtual assistant that will help the bank’s customers to get faster and more convenient service through BoG’s digital channels.

The virtual assistant, powered by Optio.Ai’s proprietary Georgian Natural Language Processing engine was built with joint forces of Optio.Ai and BoG. While currently in pilot mode, it will obtain more innovative features in the nearest future, thus allowing BoG to meet the demand of its customers and provide a superior customer experience with the help of AI.

Natural Language Processing Engine developed by Optio.Ai’s artificial intelligence professionals during the last few years is a unique technology based on modern NLP approaches specifically tailored for the Georgian language. Optio.Ai’s NLP delivers best-in-class results for text analysis and data extraction, thus enabling customers to build various conversation-driven products and have the shortest time-to-market strategy.

BoG is one of Georgia’s biggest banks with more than 2 million customers on board. The company leads the Georgian market across retail, MSME, and corporate sectors. The boG is known for its well-developed digital channels and has seen tremendous growth during  2020.