Posted: 1 year ago

Nika Kurdiani: Number of Downloads of TBC Uzbekistan's App Exceeds 5 Million

"We are very satisfied with the project in Uzbekistan, it is very easy to communicate with customers here since TBC UZ is only available on mobile phones. The only way the client communicates with us is through an app, the download number of which is more than 5 million at the moment," Nika Kurdiani said at Business Morning.

The number of downloads of TBC Uzbekistan's application exceeded 5 million. 

According to him, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan is very pleased with the results of TBC, since according to the regulator, TBC has changed the attitude of consumers towards deposits. "We were asked to join the working group on deposits," Kurdiani noted.

TBC UZ is the first digital bank in Uzbekistan to be launched in October 2020 on the innovative Fintech platform based on Space, offering retail banking through a mobile app.

TBC Uzbekistan was recognized as the best digital bank in Uzbekistan in 2021 by the global financial publication The Global Economics.