Posted: 1 month ago

Data Processing with Artificial Intelligence - Point Universal Attracted ₾15,000 Investment from UG Foundation

Point Universal attracted investment. The University of Georgia Foundation has invested 15,000 GEL within a startup in the seventh acceleration program of UG Startup Factory.

Point Universal is a user sentiment management system. At this point, the startup is working on creating a prototype MVP. Zviad Jeiranashvili, the founder of Point Universal, told Business Partner that the acceleration program has helped shape the right business vision.

"I decided to work on the project based on the clear advantages of data processing with artificial intelligence. I realized that this is the technology of the future and the only thing that stands between the current reality and the daily use of this technology is just time.

The acceleration program has helped me develop the right business vision, ask the right questions, and set the right priorities. At this stage, a prototype MVP, is being developed, with which we want to attract the first users as soon as possible.

I think we stand out from other startups with dynamism and flexibility, which means we have a wide development area. The team is and will be staffed only by individuals who believe in the product and can follow us in the long run. We are ready for risks and short-term fluctuations, I think this is the main strength. We want to take part in Berlin startup events in the near future, because Berlin is the main hub in Europe in this direction and that is why we relocated to this city and continue to operate from here, "- explains Zviad Jeiranashvili.