Posted: 3 months ago

Wizz Air Might Bring Annual Subscription Service In

The low-budget air company Wizz Air might offer its passengers a new product at the beginning of 2020: Subscription service available in some directions.

Several days ago, Polish media wrote, that Hungarian "Lowcoster" would offer its users revolutionary newness. 

Fly4Free supposes, that Wizz Air might bring annual Subscription Service in, which implies unlimited transportation in restricted directions. Part of the publication reckons that subscription will not be unlimited and frequency of flights will be definitely determined. 

If Wizz Air will bring this newness in, passenger won't pay for ticket, but also will not be able to receive additional service.

In the air company, the initiative of annual subscription service is neither rejected nor accepted. Wizz Air notes, that the company will pass on the information about newness to its users timely.