Posted: 1 month ago

Where it is Mandatory to Wear Face Masks

Natia Mezvrishvili, head of Government Administration, explained where are face coverings mandatory at the briefing held after Coordination Council meeting.

The places are as follows:

  • The meeting halls of public and private institutions;
  • At meetings in public and private institutions, where it is impossible to maintain 2-meter social distance;
  • Speaker may not wear a face mask while his/her speech/making a presentation if one can maintain social distance;
  • The Elevators and shopping malls;
  • Beauty and aesthetic centers;
  • Vocational and educational institutions;
  • Public transport, subway, taxi.

The fines for violating the rule of wearing the face mask came into force today.

According to the administrative sanctions, violating the rules of wearing a facemask in indoor public space will result in a fine of 20 GEL, while the legal entity will be fined 500 GEL.

Passengers and drivers who do not wear face masks in Taxi, subway and public transport will be fined 20 GEL. Those who are not able to wear face masks due to a health condition will be able to get the relevant notice and they will not be fined.