Posted: 7 months ago

What Surprised Invited Guests during the gathering of Euronews Georgia

CEO of Euronews presented the newly appointed chef of news of Euronews GeorgiaS Georgia.

The recent visit of Euronews CEO, Michael Peters came as a surprise for the guests, being invited of the cocktail party, where he introduced important news of the channel.

Chief of News has been appointed for Euronews Georgia. Vasilis Bitsis, has the long experience of working with Euronews. Currently Vasislis is the head of Greek office of Euronews. Apart from this news, Michael Peters updated regarding the ongoing status at Euronews Georgia. At the entrance of the club, where guests were invited, impressive visuals were displayed showing the upcoming Euronews Georgia’s super modern studios.

Another surprise for the guests of the informal meeting was the music, DJ sets played by Michael Peters himself. If one scrolls down the Instagram page of Euronews CEO, one will come across the regular posts of Michael shaking hands with various officials of different countries.

The post that really stands out and catches the eye is him performing at the DJ booth quoting “the next set”. Dj-ing is another passion of Michael he thoroughly enjoys. He plays Deep House and often performs with other professional artists. Noble Savage clubbers will enjoy his sets on Saturday.