Posted: 8 months ago

Unique masterpieces and creative technique of painting - Tbilisi hosts the exhibition of famous Georgian artist

"Space transferred in color" - this is the title of the exhibition hosted by the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on October 11th.

Vakhtang Bardavelidze is the author of the masterpieces. He had worked in US and Europe for many years and many famous collectors were interested in his paintings. After one year since the author passed away, his family decided to organize the exhibition in his homeland. 50 paintings and several sculptures were exhibited in the main hall of National Library of Georgia. Vakho Bardavelidze was not known to the Georgian audience until now. However, his works are still kept in the collections of famous collectors. Now, everyone has the possibility to explore the paintings and the sculptures in the exhibition hall till October 18th with the free attendance.

The opening of Vakho Bardavelidzes very first personal exhibition was attended by representatives of the arts, members of the diplomatic corps, President of Georgia and visitors from abroad, who arrived in Tbilisi specially for this event. in the end of the ceremony, family announced the start of the Charity Foundation in the name of Vakho Bardavelidze which will fund the students of the Academy of fine arts.

Vakho Bardavelidze is the only artist the works of who couldn’t be photographed yet. Hence, no online or printer catalogues are available for this time. The reason is unique drawing technique. Vakho Bardavelidze didn’t use an ordinary canvas, but a transparent medical bandage. This is the method that creates a special space and color for the viewer. To understand the masterpiece fully a viewer has to visit the gallery and observe the painting carefully, with the special lighting.