Posted: 3 months ago

Two Artists of Project Artbeat - Tamo Jugheli and Keti Kapanadze Presented on Nada Miami

Nada Miami is an art market, which holds traditionally every year on December 4-9.
It is organized by contemporary artists, curators, museums and galleries and other representatives of contemporary art. Recent art market hosted Georgian art gallery Project Artbeat with two artists - Tamo Jugheli and Keti Kapanadze.
"At first, the gallery which wishes to be part of art market sends appropriate proposal, which puts forward the representative of art gallery. Every art market has its committee, which decides, which galleries will be participating in considering their reputation, history and also offered concept. We sent art piece created by Keti Kapanadze and Tamo Jugheli.", noted Natia Bukia, co-founder of Project Artbeat.
As Natia Bukia mentioned, presenting these two artists' works together was interesting, since they are part of different generations and use completely different methods.
"Practice of Keti is pretty diverse, but for the greater part, her way is utterly aggressive feminist, which one can examine in her works. Feminine paintings of Tamo Jugheli create an interesting contrast with Keti's objects, sculptures and photos. The author of concept text is the curator, Kote Bolkvadze."
She also marked out Nada Miami as an outstanding art market for young galleries and the fact, that it is the second year, when Project Artbeat participates, implies the quality of the program.