Posted: 6 days ago

Transport to Run According to the New Scheme on Chavchavadze Avenue

Road drawing works on Chavchavadze Avenue are at the final stage. The traffic will be switched to the pre-announced scheme, - the mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze spoke about it at the meeting of the municipal government.

According to him, public transport will run in the middle lane allocated.

"After the completion of the drawing works, with the involvement of the police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other relevant services, the traffic on Chavchavadze Avenue will start running with a new traffic scheme. We will help the drivers in every way during the adaptation period. During the elaboration of the scheme, everything is planned in advance so as not to create problems in this direction and for the transport to move smoothly, ”said Kakha Kaladze.

Tbilisi Mayor informed the population that from July 30 for three nights (00: 00-04: 00), public transport on Chavchavadze Avenue will work in test mode. During the mentioned hours, Chavchavadze Avenue, from Varaz gorge will be closed.