Posted: 6 months ago

Tbilisi Mayor: No Plans to Discuss New Election System Initiatives

The 2020 parliamentary elections will be held under regulations determined by the basic law of Georgia within legal timeframes, under highest democratic standards and wide involvement of international community, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, secretary general of Georgian Dream ruling party noted at the Georgian Dream office and added that no other election system initiatives will be discussed.

“Less than 1 year is left before the elections. Consequently, we do not plan to discuss any new election system initiatives.

We urge our opponents to get prepared for the coming elections. Every election system has negative and positive aspects and both systems are legitimate and democratic. The 2020 elections will be held with a mixed system. Only public trust wins the elections, not election systems in itself. We remind you that we managed to replace the previous violent regime in 2012, which, in practice, fully controlled political developments and all institutions and instruments”, Kaladze said.

“The ruling party will show maximum of patience, but in the event of destructive actions, the Authorities will take adequate steps”, Kakha Kaladze noted.