Posted: 1 month ago

Tbilisi City Hall to Build Mediathek Gallery on the Territory of Mziuri

As Kakha Kaladze noted at the meeting of the Tbilisi Municipality Government, the Municipal Infrastructure Development Service will build a mediathek gallery on the territory of Mziuri. 

"Rehabilitation works of Mziuri Park were completed a few days ago, for which I would like to thank the Municipal Development Fund. Very significant work has been done, especially on the lower side, which was damaged since June 13th, 2015. Today we have a very good recreational space, where people of all generations are able to relax and have fun. We made a decision and the municipality will implement two important projects on the territory of the park. The reconstruction of the former cable car in the lower part of the park will be carried out. We also want to set up Mediathek gallery, but this building is small. As you know, there is a social enterprise in Mziuri - Mziuri Cafe. Ana Goguadze and her team have a very interesting project - building a Mediathek gallery. The project will be implemented by us and then we will transfer the building to the social enterprise and Ana Goguadze under the usufruct agreement.", declared Kakha Kaladze.