Posted: 1 year ago

Tbilisi City hall to Arrange Picnic Locations along Turtle Lake-Mtatsminda Pathway

Tbilisi City Hall and the International Cooperation Society of Germany (GIZ) have signed a memorandum on cooperation. The document was signed by Tbilisi Vice Major Maia Bitadze and Karl Testensen, head of the GIZ Office in Georgia.

The memorandum defines several directions for cooperation. Namely, additional infrastructure will be arranged along the tourism route connecting Turtle Lake with Mtatsminda Park, including picnic locations, recreational zones, eco-educational infrastructure, information-interpretative desks, special camping places and panorama platforms.

“Under the memorandum with GIZ, in several months, the new pathway will connect Turtle Lake with Mtatsminda Park. Additional education pathways will be arranged and woodland restoration activities will be carried out on 20 hectares and we will enable tourists and domestic residents to have a view to picturesque panorama”, Maia Bitadze noted.

“I believe this memorandum is an important step for making the existing natural environment more attractive around this beautiful capital city. Everybody knows tourism potential of Tbilisi and after implementation of this memorandum, woodland around the capital city and its natural environment will be more beautified for Tbilisi residents and guests’, the head of the FIZ office in Georgia noted