Posted: 6 months ago

TBC to Implement Georgian Fabrics Project together with Palace of Arts

After the campaign for popularizing Georgian literacy and Georgian Arts, TBC Bank plans to implement a new project for culture heritage that is related to Georgian traditional fabric and textile.

The project will be implemented together with the Georgian State Museum of Theater, Cinematography and Choreography with the aim to explore the history of Georgian fabric, restore traditions and return them to the present day.

The book “The Fabrics from Georgia” was published in 2018 and it illustrates about 300 patterns from more than 200 frescoes. The materials demonstrate how colorful, modern and diverse was the secular or festival dressing many centuries ago, as well as the culture of dressing in various periods and what factors were affecting them.

Heritage and new generation are key priorities for TBC Bank. Therefore, objective of the project is to revitalize Georgian traditional fabrics in everyday life and confer the new life and designation to it. To integrate patterns of Georgian fabrics in everyday life and give a modern appearance to it, TBC Bank enables designers and startupers to create everyday clothes and products, based on the patterns illustrated in the book.

As part of the mentioned collaboration, several designers, companies and startupers have already started working on creating new collections inspired by the Traditional Georgian fabric, including Daraia, Muzaradi, Side Size, Ceramic Studio, Lakoiaj, Spilow, Why not Gallery.

The created collections and Ready to Wear collection will be integrated into one brand and they will be sold from the website specially developed for this project.