Posted: 1 year ago

Tamar Chugoshvili and Part of Ruling Party Members Quit Majority and Positions

Tamar Chugoshvili, Irina Pruidze, Tamar Khulordava, Sophio Katsarava and Part of Ruling Party Members Quit Majority and Positions.

"I and several other MPs have taken a decision to quite positions and majority, the parliament’s vice speaker Tamar Chugoshvili noted".

The decision came after the parliament failed to adopt a bill on proportional election system. “There is no other way for us. We are quitting positions in this parliament and parliament majority”, Chugoshvili said.

Besides Chugoshvili, the same decision was taken by Dimitri Tskitishvili, Irina Pruidze, Tamar Khulordava, Sopo Katsarava, Zaza Khutsishvili and Giorgi Mosidze. The bill for introducing proportional election system could not collect required number of votes – 113 ones. A total of 103 MPs backed the bill and only 3 ones refused it, while more than 40 MPs did not attend the session.