Posted: 6 days ago

Sunset Shovi Plans to Serve Tourists by Helicpoter Due to Natural Disaster

In terms of natural disaster the hotel "Sunset Shovi" will serve its guests by helicopter. Negotiations are underway with Oni Municipality regarding this issue.

When asked from whose budget the helicopter service fee will be covered, the hotel does not have an answer at this stage. "Consultations and negotiations are underway with the municipality on these details. If the agency pays the expenses, it will be good, otherwise we will solve it from our budget," the hotel said at Business Partner.

According to them, the disaster did not damage the infrastructure of "Sunset Shovi". As for the current situation in the hotel, the electricity is cut off, however, "Sunset Shovi" solves the problem with its own power source. "We also have water supplies, we were not scared in this regard.The only problem we have is the movement of guests," said at the Sunset Shovi.

According to them, if the traffic on the road is not restored in time, part of the reservations may be canceled.

"People are coming with luggage and I think it will be an inconvenience to be transported by helicopter. The reservations have not been canceled at this time, however, we are talking about exchanging them for another period, ”the hotel said.

As it is known, there is a natural disaster in Oni. On July 28, as a result of heavy rains and hail, 12 villages and more than 2,000 people in Oni Municipality were cut off from the outside world.

10 bridges were damaged, access roads to the village were blocked, one of the districts of Nakieti village, homestead plots were flooded, electricity transmission lines were damaged.