Posted: 1 week ago

Summer Fiml School Starts New Project in Villages Near the Occupation Line of Georgia

Summer Film School envisages trips of film specialists to the villages located near the occupation line, where film screenings and discussions will be held daily for 2 weeks. Due to the pandemic, the film screenings will be held in the open air.

15 villages are involved in this year's project, including public schools of Khurvaleti, Shuapkho, Ergnet-Mamisaantubani, Mejvriskhevi, and Mereti.

Summer Film School was held in 2015 for the first time initiated by National Film Center and supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport. In 2016, the project supporters were joined by the EU program "Creative Europe".

The project aims to revive the cultural-educational life in the regions of Georgia and strengthen local cultural sector. The project unites several components: popularization of film - screening of Georgian and foreign films; promoting the development of analytical thinking - discussions moderated by the film specialist; developing adolescents' creative skills - getting to know film language specifics and engaging in the creative process by making short films.