Posted: 8 months ago

Studying Robotics and Programming With Georgian-Based Block Schemes in Tbilisi

UG Edison Technical school, which is established by Edison with University of Georgia, teaches robotics and programming with the platform created by Edison. This system is based on Block Scheme.

Edison Tech Solutions works in the field of Hardware. Because of the lack of knowledge in this field, team of Edison Tech Solutions created UG Edison Technical School with University of Georgia. They have courses for both children and adults.

They have 4-level course "Examine Robotics Innovatively", which is newness in Georgia. They also plan to export it abroad. The platform, which they elaborated, is fundamentally different from available products on the market. With the help of our platform, on every lesson, child creates different types of projects from zero. For example Smart House, Smart Car, Automatization Systems, etc.

Their future plan involves creating such courses, which will trigger the potential for Georgia to become the exporter country of technological products.

"The time and resource, which we spend with these children, will get an appropriate result in 5-10 years. We will definitely have the generation, which will create the world's leading innovations.", noted Givi Beridze, co-founder of Edison.