Posted: 1 month ago

Socar Warns Georgians about Fraudulent Scheme

The company Socar publishes an official statement regarding the information spread on the Internet. Socar warns the citizens of Georgia, that advertisements that are underway on behalf of the company are part of a fraud scheme.

"Fake information was spread on the Internet under the name of the company Socar as if Socar calls on the citizens to invest and in return, they will receive a certain amount of money per month. This information appears in the form of sponsored posts on several social networks.

We want to officially announce, that this information is fake and part of a fraud scheme, with which, unidentified persons try to extort money from citizens. At no stage of operation in Georgia, Socar did not offer its customers to invest in the company. The video and the information published on the link do not correspond to the truth. Moreover, is not an official webpage of Socar and the company has no connections with it."

Apart from the company Socar, the information also includes the name of Georgian singer, Nino Katamadze. The fact, that it is a part of a fraud scheme, is also confirmed by her. 

"Someone is trying to mislead the public on my behalf by spreading fake information. I have never received any income other than my profession. I have never advised anyone to invest in any company. Using SOCAR and my name to transfer money to citizens is clearly fraud.", declares Nino Katamadze.

"SOCAR tells Georgian citizens not to fall victim to the fraudulent scheme and not to transfer even a small amount of money to people or legal entities unknown to them."