Posted: 7 months ago

Ski Road in Ratcha to Serve 10,000 Visitors

According to the development plan in Ratcha, Ambrolauri, there is a potential to settle ski road over 40 km, which unites 1700 hectares. 

As Mayor of Ambrolauri, Zviad Mkheidze noted, in the case of arranging this ski road, 10,000 visitors can ski. As Mkheidze determined, Government and private sectors have a strong interest in this field. At this moment, the specific offers are not made yet.

"Government has made development plan in 4 municipalities, among those are the municipality of Ambrolauri. When specialists were examining the concrete locations, they discovered the natural ski road. It was the 19th of April, as I remember, when they skied on site and said, that this location has a big potential and there ski road can be maintained.", stated Mayor, Zviad Mkheidze.