Posted: 1 week ago

Silknet introduces new service “Internet Parent” Designed for Parents Aiming to Protect Children from Internet Threats

Silknet’s “Internet Parent” is a new parental control service, an application, which company’s optical network customers may activate and download from portal or activate by visiting the office. The app works on all devices: PC, laptop, and mobile phone. It can also be activated on several (5 to 10) devices at once.

So far, there is no such offer in the market. Silknet is the first operator to implement a parental control service protecting underage children from potential internet harm. The menu is very user friendly.  

“We are pleased to be the first to offer such service to our customers, - says Silknet’s General Director, David Mamulaishvili, -“In our observation, oftentimes, children are many advanced users of the internet than their parents, so quite frequently parents are unaware which sites kids browse when sitting alone at the computers or scrolling their mobiles. Therefore, we created a product “Internet Parent” which can be accessible to all Silknet’s interested customers of optical internet. With this application, parents will receive a monthly or weekly report of sites children visit during this period. There will be a detailed description of site and its content in order for the parent to determine how safe it is for their kids. It needs to be pointed out that this service is only valid for underage children and adolescents. I strongly believe that protecting children from the harm coming from the internet is very important, and this is why we created this product”.

“Internet Parent” enables the parents to protect the safety of their children and watch for the harmful content such as bullying, personal data sharing, unfiltered/uncensored scenes, suicide, gambling, and another phenomenon i.e. Blue Whale, etc. Also, by means of artificial intellect, this service can analyze and screen the social networks against the aforementioned dangers. Besides, Web Parent allows the parents to see the location of their children online.

Web Parent App is in the Georgian language. Monitoring of underage children’s pc and mobile phones is also possible on a permanent base. Silknet created this service together with the company PureSight, who has been a developer of similar products in the US and Europe, to name the few, T-Mobile, Cellcom, Cosmote use their apps.

The monthly fee for Web Parent is GEL 3 in case of activation on 5 different devices, GEL5 on 10 devices. Service is available for IOS and Android.

The service will be free of charge for three months from the moment of its activation.