Posted: 1 week ago

Scroll Gives Out Scooter Voucher for Employees Working During Pandemic

Electric scooter- Scroll sharing service is launching a new project called "Heroes of Scrolls" - anyone who works during a pandemic and has to move on the street will receive a one-hour voucher for scooters for free.

"At this stage, our campaign is non-profit. We receive applications on a daily basis and we want don't want to miss anyone who needs our help.”

Free vouchers for scooters will be provided to hospital and healthcare staff, supermarket and pharmacy staff, police officers, firefighters, civil servants and quarantine staff.

To use the voucher, applicants must fill out an application on the Scroll website. They also have the opportunity to nominate someone else to receive a voucher.

"Our team would like to thank all the heroes who worked tirelessly to preserve the vitality of our cities. We started this campaign to express our gratitude and offer free travel to people who work during the crisis. If you are a hero who puts the welfare of the society first, or you know such a person, then we offer a safe and eco-friendly way to get to work. ”