Posted: 1 year ago

Samsung and Erisioni to Start Collaborating

The company Samsung and Georgian ensemble Erisioni start to collaborate. The scene costumes of dancers and singers will be renewed, the rehearsal forms will be changed and general events will be elaborated. The mutual cooperation is signed by the head of Samsung Electronics Caucasus Company, Jason Lee and choir leader of Georgian ensemble Erisioni, Shermandi Chkuaseli.
"The memorandum with the side of Samsung Electronics aims to take corporate social responsibility in Georgia. Samsung declares financial support to the ensemble and it will renew the scene costumes, which are presenting Georgian traditions and longstanding history of different regions. At the end of 2019, the gala concert will be held organized by Samsung and Erisioni.", Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia notes.
Georgian State National Singing and Dancing Academic Ensemble Erisioni was founded in 1885. The ensemble has stepped into the third centennial which is an unprecedented event in Georgia as well as abroad. It is even referred to as an ensemble -museum. Ever since the day of its creation through dedication to national folklore, own traditions and original artwork Erisioni has been the only one capable of bringing to life, maintaining and preserving for future generations the masterpieces of professional folk creations of all regions of our country that have survived through hundreds of centuries.