Posted: 5 months ago

Rezo Gabriadze's Animation Streaming on Netflix

The popular streaming service Netflix hosted the film "Hari-Harale Dedao" by legendary Georgian screenwriter, director, playwright and artist Rezo Gabriadze.

The author and artist of the animated film is Gabriadze himself, the director is Levan Gabriadze, and the executive producer is the director of the famous Russian blockbuster "Night Watch" Timur Bekmambetov. The work was released in American cinemas under the name of "Rezo". The cartoon also hit the Oscar shortlist on behalf of Russia, but failed to make it to the final five.

The action of the picture takes place in Kutaisi after the war, and the main character is Rezo Gabriadze himself - a 9-year-old child with an unprecedented imagination, who informs the viewer in detail about the existence of that period. The biographical film is characterized by the lightness and comedic elements characteristic of the author.

Gabriadze is one of the most prominent Georgian screenwriters. During his career he has worked on more than 40 films. He wrote a screenplay for such Georgian and Soviet films as "Mimino", "Do not despair", "Serenade", "Pitcher", "Unusual Exhibition", "Passport", "Pitcher", "Kin-dza-dza". He has made films "Caucasian Romance", "Lemon Cake", "Conqueror of the Peak". He founded the Tbilisi Puppet Theater in 1981, and is still its artistic director. In 2004, the play "Forbidden Christmas, or Doctor and Patient" was staged at the Minneapolis Theater.

Two more Georgian projects, "My Happy Family" and "Sovdagar" can be seen on Netflix.