Posted: 1 week ago

Rehabilitation of Vani's Museum to be Completed

Construction of Vani Museum and rehabilitation of the surrounding area has already been completed.

The cost of the project, funded by the World Bank, is 20 Million GEL. The working processes were carried out by the Municipal Development Fund.

The new, four-story building will include a parking lot, library, cafeteria, laboratory, and administrative office. The building is fully adapted for people with disabilities.

Vani Archeological Museum has been rehabilitated for the first time since 1985. After completion of the project, it will be equal to international standards and will also be fully equipped with the modern-standard inventory.

Simultaneously, the Municipal Development Fund also completed the rehabilitation of the access road to the Archeological Museum and the surrounding area.

The Ministry believes, that implementing the rehabilitation-reconstruction project will promote protecting the archeological space of Vani, development of tourist infrastructure, and employment of the locals.