Posted: 8 months ago

Public Schools to Receive 55 000 Computers in 2019

All public schools in Georgia will be equipped by wireless internet and the process will be ended in 2 years, Minister of Education Mikheil Batiashvili noted at the parliament.

Instead of netbooks, this year pupils will receive 55 000 computers, he added.

“Besides qualification, teachers should also improve their attitude to the education process. They should make focus on developing such skills as critical mind, creativeness and so on. New approaches are successfully established in 150 schools. We follow the plan, under which this process will cover all public schools in 2022.

Introduction of technologies is an important factor. The demand for technologies grows and it is integrated with education and their employment. In September we will donate 55 000 personal computers to public schools and children will use them in the future too. All licensed programs will be integrated in these computers.

We will also ensure WiFi connection in these schools. Today it is unimaginable any space without internet and therefore, we have fulfilled huge job and one fourth part of public schools have been covered by wireless internet. We will finish this process in 2 years and all public schools will have access to top quality internet”, Batiashvili said.