Posted: 6 months ago

Plans of the Minister of Education after Resigning

Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Mikheil Batiashvili resigns. This was announced today at a government meeting.

Mikheil Batiashvili spoke about the achievements in his field after the meeting of the government and mentioned his future plans.

“During this period we had many unprecedented achievements in the field of sport, and we began to make changes in the field of culture, which further needs to be strengthened. And there has been a major breakthrough in the education system.

This is the greatest achievement of the "Georgian Dream". For the first time, under this government, education has become one of the top priorities as a crucial factor for the development of the country and this has been confirmed by the case. We have begun to make changes in the whole system, in all areas of education. This process will, of course, continue, with the team of professionals working in the ministry on the basis of the strategy and plan developed during this period and implemented at all levels of education as part of the reform.

I plan to invest my energy to continue to implement educational projects in collaboration with large and well-known international organizations outside the system. Which will further strengthen the ongoing reforms ...

Resignation was based on my personal statement, which is related to my plans, which are also related to education. I have been in this field for years and will still remain. This is aimed at promoting as many specific educational projects as possible in Georgia.

According to him, consultations are underway and soon it will be announced who will be the acting Minister.