Posted: 1 week ago

Opening of Armenian Theater in Tbilisi to Postpone for 2 Years

The Armenian Theater of Tbilisi, which has a long history, will not have a new building for several more years. Completion of the planned large-scale construction has been postponed for 2 years, until 2023.

Tbilisi City Hall has already approved the statement of Luiza Khachaturova, director of the Petro Armenian State Drama Theater, regarding the extension of the building construction permit. She applied to the Architecture Service on June 30 this year with a request to change the construction period.

The Human Theater has been out of order for years, with the troupe playing a variety of plays instead of their own. Due to the difficult situation, the construction-reconstruction works of the theater were started with the funding of the charity fund "Cartu", in cooperation with the municipality and the fund. In 2019, the old building was completely dismantled.

Armenian Theater has been not functioning for years, with the company of actors playing in other theaters instead of their own. Due to this situation, the construction works of theater started with the funding of charity fund "Kartu". 

A completely new building was planned to be built that could accommodate a total of 607 visitors. The project, with a total estimated cost of GEL 18 million and was due to be completed by the end of 2020, is still under construction.