Posted: 2 months ago

Nino Zambakhidze Selected as Chairwoman of G100

Chairwoman of Georgian Farmers' Association, Nino Zambakhidze was selected as one of the chairpersons in the field of Agritourism and farming in a Group of 100 Global Women Leaders.

 Georgian Farmers Association is an umbrella organization that unites more than 5000 member farmers from all over Georgia, with the goal and mission to protect farmers’ rights and support them to compete in the marketplace and to grow agro players’ profitability.

Nino is also a founder of several companies, non-governmental organizations, and innovative startups. Being a proactive person by nature, Nino is a member of almost all key governmental or non-governmental boards and committees active in agriculture.

In 2020 she was awarded a national business prize “Mercury 2011” where she received the honor as “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year”. She was the first woman chosen as a coordinator of “Invest in Future” organization created in 2012 under the patronage of Hilary Clinton.

"A passionate advocate and agri-entrepreneur, Nino is committed to fostering youth leadership in this very important space. She says in an article, “Most young people I meet on my trips in the countryside simply don’t see their future in agriculture. They lack appropriate role models, vocation education access to financial capital, and international technology. Yet, if there is any hope for Georgia’s countryside it must be associated with those very youth. They are the ones who can breathe new life and bring much-needed efficiency to the agricultural sector. In 2017 Nino was nominated as a Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum. Nino has a Master’s Degree with distinction in the field of Business Administration from Grenoble Graduate School (Grenoble, France). Diploma with Merit in Business Organization and Management from Cambridge International College, Nino graduated from Tbilisi Technical University, where she studied English Language and Literature. In 2016 Nino was named as Entrepreneur of the Year by Grenoble Graduate School of Business. She has a Certificate of Completion of Public Policy in Private Sector Development Course from Stanford University Leadership Academy for Development as well as Certificate of competition of transformational leadership on the Edge by University of Oxford Said Business School. A dear Soul Sister empowering local livelihoods and communities toward sustainable societies and economies. The empowered and eminent group of #G100 is stronger with your presence and leadership.", writes Women Economic Forum - WEF on their official Facebook page.