Posted: 6 days ago

Newton Free School to Build New Complex

Newton Free School will build a new complex on Politkovskaya Street on 18,765 m2 land. The complex will comprise a school building, two outdoor playgrounds, closed sports zones, swimming pools, and recreational zones.

As Luka Zedashidze, manager of the marketing and digital channels of Newton Free School told the Commersant, the building comprises unique design, functionality, and safety systems.
“Noteworthy that the new complex will introduce special safety standards that have no analog in other educational facilities. The territory combines indoor and outdoor playgrounds, swimming pool, open auditoriums, training laboratories, recreational zones, woodlands”, Luka Zedashidze noted.
The investment value of the new infrastructure exceeds 15 million GEL. The complex construction works will be finished by the end of 2020.
The complex will receive 1,600 pupils.
“We offer all three levels of the world’s one of the most popular and prestigious interventional IB programs”, Luka Zedashidze noted.
Today, Newton Free School is located on Nutsubidze Slope, but the building is not owned by the School. In the future, the school plans to add several branches.