Posted: 2 weeks ago

Nadi in Finals of Nexty Awards Competition

Georgian organic sweet-brier drink Nadi is a finalist of the US Nexty Awards competition.

"Nexty Awards annually examines the market and selects natural products in different categories. We are the finalists of the nomination 'New Organic Drink', which is a great success for us. 

I also want to point out the important specifics. When one exports products from Georgia, they make a choice: they select the target market and a product, that already exists or chooses innovative products. Competition is low at this time, however, there is a risk of whether the product will fit the market. If it will be successful, it will be a prelude to adventures and this is what's Nadi is the part of.", noted the managing partner of Nadi, Giorgi Abashidze.

Nadi creates the chain of values, which unites three main links: employed locals in the region, company BPC and American partners, with whom Nadi was founded. Currently, Nadi produces sweet-brier organic juice and a mix of pomegranate and grape juice.