Posted: 10 months ago

"Moedani" - Multifunctional Space to be Built in Avlabari

The district of Avlabari is still in the spotlight of tourists and locals, and it has become an inspiration for creating multifunctional space in the heart of the historic city - Moedani. 

"We want Moedani to become a desirable destination for both tourists and locals. This will be the space, where people of all tastes and lifestyles will find their own place to have fun, take a walk, work or taste different countries' cuisine.", noted authors of the project.

While creating Moedani on 1,4 hectares, architects took into account its location, historical value, and cultural characteristics. The concept of the project is modern - design created with minimalist aesthetic, modernist details, common work and alternative exhibition spaces, cafes, bars, and stores. Architecture inspired with the details of "old Tbilisian yard" unites hollow shapes and attic type floors. Simply put, this is Tbilisian "Piazza". 

"We came up with this idea while taking inspiration from Tbilisi life. The daily life of old Tbilisi and the Tbilisian Yards always been full of life and are distinguished because of its warm relations - with songs, fun, and noise.

We decided to create the space, where people would have an opportunity to communicate more - work in the lively and dinamic environment, relax and build social connections." 

The project consists of four low-rise buildings, which unite 220 apartments. In the fifth building, they plan to set up 120-room hotel. In addition, there will be restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, commercial and common workplaces. The 5100 m2 space between the buildings is the Moedani, which is historically typical for Avlabari.

Implementing the project will be finished in the Summer of 2022, which gives a buyer an opportunity to avoid the risks caused by the pandemic.