Posted: 11 months ago

Ministry of Education to Establish National Culture Fund

As a ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Mikheil Batiashvili elucidated, the ministry will determine the politics and strategy in the field of culture and fund will be supervisor on this matter.

As he notes, National Culture fund will start functioning from January 2020. The budget of the fund will be 50 Million Lari and Irma Ratiani will be the leader.

"The operating system and the model of financing needs real reform, not some fragmental unitary changes. We start complex reform in this field, which lies upon the recommendations of European Union and which fits our country's needs. Our goal for the system is to become more flexible and for processes to be more open and transparent and for the priorities to be more competent and directed to long-run development. Today, the ministry implements every function, such as governing institutes in the field of culture, planning and financing contests, events and projects. The model changes and with the result of reform, ministry will define the politics, priorities, and strategies on this matter. National Culture Fund will implement these priorities.

The provision of the fund is to popularize and internationalize development processes of culture economics and Georgian culture. The fund will administrate grant contests and other programs in the field of cultural priorities. Financing of LEPL will continue with the existing scheme, nevertheless, with the collaboration of fund much more prioritized and development-oriented projects will be implemented" - declared Batiashvili.