Posted: 1 year ago

Mestia-based Hotel Owners to Develop Transport System and Tourism Maps

Mestia transport system and tourism maps should be brought to order, Bapsha hotel owner Tamar Niguriani said.

The transport is necessary for connecting Mestia and its neighboring villages better, she told BM.GE.

„Our hotels are overloaded here and we need a lot of employees. Residents from neighboring villages would come with much pleasure, but there are problems with transportation. The same problems are for tourists. More maps and well-described road maps are required”, Tamar Naguriani said.

Russian sanctions have not influenced the tourism season, Bapsha hotel owner noted.

“We have globally-opened tourism business and we should not hamper the inflow from Europe. Our hotel was not influenced by these sanctions thanks to European tourists”, Tamar Niguriani said.