Posted: 9 months ago

Masterpieces that cannot be photographed – Tbilisi hosts Vakho Bardavelidze’s very first personal exhibition

On October 11, Tbilisi will host the first personal exhibition of well-known artist in Europe and USA, Vakhtang Bardavelidze.

The exhibition “Space transferred in color” includes more than 50 paintings and sculptures which will be displayed in the exhibition hall of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and will be held until October 18th.

Georgian audience didn’t know Vakho Bardavelidze as an artist so far. However, his works are the object of interest to American and European collectors. Some of Vakho Bardavelidze’s paintings still remain to be the part of their collections. On October 11 some of those famous collectors are planning to visit Tbilisi specially for this exhibition.

Vakho Bardavelidze is the only artist the works of who couldn’t be photographed yet. Hence, no online or printer catalogues are available for this time. “Many photographers offered to capture my works, as it was the request of different galleries,” – he said, - “however, none of them could manage it and they could not fully visualize my paintings. Unfortunately, this is the reason why I might be the only painter who doesn’t have any catalogues.” The reason is unique drawing technique. Vakho Bardavelidze didn’t use an ordinary canvas, but a transparent medical bandage. This is the method that creates a special space and color for the viewer. To understand the masterpiece fully a viewer has to visit the gallery and observe the painting carefully, with the special lighting.  Some of the works are two-sided and it is even impossible to hang them on the wall.

Vakho Bardavelidze's family has kept 50 of his paintings and a small amount of sculptures. The masterpieces were transported from Munich to Tbilisi to fulfill the artists desire and present his works to Georgian audience.

In western Europe and USA, Vakho Bardavelidze is known not only as an artist, but the art-therapist as well. Moreover, he initiated several charity projects to help homeless children and children with leukemia. In 2001 he also founded the Summer Art Academy in Georgia, along with UNESCO. Due to the fact that Vakho bardavelidze used to organize a charity projects, his family decided to establish the foundation which will fund the honored students at the Academy of Fine Arts of Georgia. The new foundation will be presented at the opening day of the exhibition.

On October 11, 6:00 pm National Parliamentary Library of Georgia will host hundreds of guests and introduce Georgian artist Vakho Bardavelidze. Those wishing to see the masterpieces on another day can visit the exhibition till October 18, from 10 am to 7 pm.