Posted: 2 weeks ago

Mariam Bezhashvili Joined the Team of Google's Munich Office

It has recently become known that Mariam Bezhashvili, a graduate of the Free University undergraduate program in Computer Science and Mathematics, has started working at Google's Munich office.

"A year ago, a Google recruiter reached out to me on the e-mail. As I was told, I was found at one of the Google contests and asked me to send him a CV. I went through an online interview and was taken to Munich in December for an on-site interview.

I went through five one-hour interviews, visited the office, and left with some pretty positive impressions. By this time I was already working as a programmer in a very good company, Georgian Service Group. I was very hesitant to leave, but finally, when I met a new team and they also left a very good impression, I quit my old job in February and signed a contract with Google, according to which I should start working in April. At the end of March, the border was closed due to the corona, so I could not get to Munich until July, so I started working as a software engineer in the Munich office in August. "

According to Mariam, the experience gained at the 199th boarding school "Komarov", the MACS faculty of the Free University and the programming Olympiads helped a lot. However, for her, in her love of programming and her first attempt at Google, to start working without an internship, the biggest contribution is made by the information technology center "Mziuri".